Anti-Slip Safety Grips

Our innovative anti-slip safety grips are strategically placed on the knees of all of our toddler wear. Our starry grips provide an extra layer of supportive traction for little ones as they begin to explore their world on often slippery surfaces like hardwood and tile found in most homes.


Each piece in our collection is made from high quality, naturally soft bamboo fabric; a uniquely breathable material that wicks moisture away from the body – keeping your baby cool and dry in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.  Bamboo is also allergen-free, anti-bacterial and not treated with pesticides which means your baby’s delicate skin is in safe hands.

Grow With Me Sizing

Our one size “grow with me” leisurewear will fit comfortably and securely, but are also designed to stretch and move along with your active Little One. Ankle cuffs can be rolled up or left down to help fit different sizing and body lengths and will also leave enough wiggle room for growing tots.  Each of our pieces has been designed for the typical crawling stage, ranging between 5-15 months.

Double Ended – 2 Way Zippers

Our trendy rompers feature an adorable hood, pockets and a double ended 2-way zipper to give easy access from head to foot, making diaper and outfit changing a breeze.  We get the struggle!

Quality Design

Practical, stylish and simply designed pieces made of high quality materials that can be be worn and washed day after day, kid after kid. We’ve had the collection thoroughly 3rd party tested to ensure that each element is lead, BPA and phthalate free – and that the water based silicon grips will not fall off, even with multiple washings.

Ethics & Giving Back

We are deeply committed to running our business to the highest ethical standards and as eco-friendly as possible –  and to partnering only with manufacturers and suppliers who maintain the highest labour and sourcing certifications.

Go Little One Go also donates over 30% of the profits from each item purchased to various Giving Back initiatives

The idea behind Go Little One Go is very simple.


We firmly believe that the early stages of crawling and mobility are some of the most important and exciting milestones for a tot to achieve for both healthy mobile and cognitive development. We also know first hand that it can be an anxious time for parents, worrying about the slips, falls and face-plants as little ones begin exploring their world on slippery surfaces like hardwood and tile.

It was all inspired by Jakob, a newly crawling toddler who constantly struggled to keep his tiny knees stable on hardwood and tile flooring. Alex, his father wanted to lend a hand to his frustrated little “face-planter” so he brainstormed a simple & practical DIY solution:  Alex cut out the bottoms of a pair of his daughter’s grippy socks and then sewed the grippy section to the knees of Jakob’s pants to see if the added traction would help give his son some stability and keep his knees from continually sliding out. From the moment Jakob gave his new ‘grippy’ pants a test drive it was clear that the strategically placed traction was exactly what he needed. Little Jakob became a confident crawling machine even across the slippery flooring literally over night. Oh yes! A little grippy knee traction = no more face-plants for this active little guy!

With most homes having hardwood or tile flooring my husband Alex and I knew we just HAD to share this solution for safer, more confident crawling development with other parents. In 2015, after extensive product development and thorough testing of our patent-pending safety-grips, our little DIY brain-child had fully transformed into a unique line of soft and functional toddler every-day wear. The Go Little One Go collection: lovingly designed to assist in each stage of crawling to walking development for ‘soon to be’ and newly active little ones on the go.