Written by Itsy Bitsy Necessities

When your baby starts to meet their milestones, it is supposed to be a very exciting time; but since Little Miss is my last baby, I find her milestones are all coming up too quickly. Recently she has met her mobility milemarker, more specifically crawling. Unlike her brothers she decided to start right at 6 months. Granted she was not full out crawling. She has been army crawling for the past 4 months, none the less she became mobile and in turn needed her mommy that much less and reminded me she is growing up way too quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see her thriving and gaining some independence, I just wish it took a little longer. As much as she loved her new found freedom of sliding around all over the floor, she did begin to get quite frustrated when she couldn’t keep up with her brothers or was faced with obstacles such as carpet. In the middle of her mini mobility meltdown, I received a message from the owner of Go Little One Go. It’s like she knew what was going on at that exact moment.

It was a no brainer of course I wanted to try out her adorable pants that make crawling at any stage easier for baby. Jessica and I exchanged messages and a few days later I had a pair of the newly released light grey Go Little One Go pants for Lil Miss to try out. Before we even get to how functional they are, can we just take a minute to admire the super soft bamboo material and ingenious silicone stars…

So I am sure by looking at the photo you can tell that their is silicone starts strategically placed on the knees of babies pants to help them crawl. Well they do just that. Only moments after I placed these pants on Lil Miss she was already attempting to get up on her knees and shortly after that she was flying around on them. These pants didn’t just alleviate her frustration they gave her the confidence she needed to try something new. Now a few weeks later, she is able to crawl around everywhere on her knees even without her “special” pants. The army crawl is long gone. 

Disclaimer – yes I know her butts wet, no it is not pee. She sat in the dogs dish. Every time I tried to get a picture of these she split on them before I got a chance.

A little about the pants: *Go Little One Go bamboo pants were designed to:encourage your child’s crawling development.

  • Their patent-pending Anti-Slip grips are strategically placed on the knees to provide supportive traction, keeping your Little One safer, happier and more confident as they achieve this important milestone.
  • Their super soft pants are made from allergen free bamboo – giving peace of mind to all conscientious parents of tots with sensitive and delicate skin.
  • Sizing is One-Size-Fits-All for the typical crawling stage.

They also come in a variety of colours!

Not only are these pants practical, adorable and super soft- they are machine washable too! We loved the idea and reality of these pants so much that we brought them into the shop!

You can now purchase your Go Little One Go pants at Itsy Bitsy Necessities!