Go Little One, Go and Be Face-Plant Free!


Emmett has a rambunctious approach to life. He tends to have an act-first, think-second approach to exploring his space, and he jumps into things head-first… literally. If you’ve been watching our IG stories, you’ll know that since he’s started crawling, there’s been no shortage of face plants and forehead bruises. So trust me when I say that both Em’s face, and my heart, were so excited to hear about Go Little One Go, and their amazing anti-slip crawling pants… and we’re talking all about them today! Read on

.Go Little One Go Pants


Go Little One Go’s Anti-Slip Pants retail for $21.99

I did some comparison shopping, and took a look at Baby Boy pants at a major retailer (it rhymes with schmap). Pricing ranged from $17 – $35 for everything from a standard track pant, to baby denim.

So, given that the Go Little One Go pants were promising to save Em from smushing his face in our hardwood floors, $22 seemed pretty darn reasonable to me.



These pants were the product of two creative parents who saw their own babe face plant one-too-many times, and started looking for a solution.


  • They’re made from naturally soft, eco friendly and allergen free bamboo.
  • It’s lightweight, but pretty durable – Em’s been crawling in them for a while with virtually no visible wear and tear
  • They’re one size fits all, to fit active Little Ones securely and comfortably (6-15 months, the typical crawling stage)
  • I was a little nervous about fit given that Em’s tall and thin – but he still has length in them to grow into, and despite not fitting super snugly to his legs, they still provide great traction when crawling
  • Cute colours and design
  • The grips on the knees are shaped into adorable tone-on-tone stars, which means that even when Em’s crawling, face plant-free, he’ll still look pretty darn cute in the pants!

Baby Crawling in Go Little One Go Pants


A few additional bits about these pants that get creativity marks from us:

  • The grips really truly stay put on the pants after multiple uses and washings (the pants are machine washable and dry-able), and they don’t peel or split!
  • They’re designed right here in Canada, by two parents with a focus on ethical and sustainable business practices – hooray!

So if you’ve got an almost-crawler-and-frequent-face-planter in your house, click on over here to see all the store you can get these pants from and save yourself the heartache/public embarrassment of explaining one more forehead bruise to strangers at the park. We’ve got your back.