Go Little One Go: Anti-Slip Pants For The Active Baby!



My kids have always been early movers. The second they master rolling over, they are on their knees and rocking back and forth and before I know it they are crawling! Before this house, we never had to deal with a baby learning to crawl and sliding all over the floor because we had mostly carpet. However after installing hardwood in our downstairs rec room and watching Caleb struggle to keep his knees from sliding out as he was learning to crawl I knew there had to be a way to prevent this- and there was!


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Go Little One Go bamboo pants are designed to actively encourage your child’s early development.  The patent-pending Anti-Slip star grips will Little Ones the extra traction they need as they learn to crawl with confidence on slippery surfaces like hardwood, laminate, tile and stairs.  Less belly flops and face plants?  Yes please!

The pants are one size fits all that stay on comfortably and securely, but are also designed to stretch and move along with your active little explorer as they take on new adventures. Go Little One Go pants keep baby cozy and safe in more ways than one! Each pair of our pants is made from the high quality, soft bamboo fabric; a uniquely breathable material that wicks moisture away from the body – keeping your baby cool and dry in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.  Bamboo is also hypo allergenic, anti-bacterial and not treated with pesticides which means your baby’s delicate skin is in safe hands.


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These pants are smart and stylish so that even after your Little One has become an all-star crawler the pants will still look and feel fabulous, and will continue to support those little knees with extra traction as they push off towards their next big milestone!