With every single purchase, Go Little One Go will help a little one in need.

We have partnered with several non-for profits to do our part to help improve the lives of little ones and their families by providing primary childhood education, shoes, clothing and school supplies and developmental support in 2 third-world countries that are particularly close to our hearts: Cambodia and Indonesia.

The healthy development and education of all children locally and across the globe is a cause very close to our hearts. We know there are about 263 million children who are not given the same access to education and resources that our own children are so blessed to have – it’s an astonishing and heartbreaking statistic.*  As a company we are deeply committed to doing our part to help end this global education crisis by donating a portion from each and every item purchased from us to one of our giving partnershipships. Each donation goes directly into helping provide primary school education, shoes, clothing and school supplies for children in rural Cambodia and Indonesia.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how each Go Little One Go purchase will help a little one in need.

  • For every 1 Go Little One Go set or romper purchased a child in need will be provided with a school uniform + school shoes
  • For every 1 Go Little One Go harem or legging purchased a school bag or school supplies like pencils crayons and a compass will be provided to a child in need.
  • For every 5 Go Little One Go items purchased a year of primary education will be provided to a child in need including all necessary materials like books uniforms and shoes.
* UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report.