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“Look at Benny go… these Go Little One Go pants have made it so much easier for him to crawl across our hardwood floors! The rubber grips on the knees allow him to not slip and slide on the floor. Oh boy, where is he headed?”TERA, CALIFORNIA
“Our little one army crawled on his belly for a number of months before deciding to try crawling on his hands and knees. Wearing the Go Little One Go anti-slip pants gave him that extra confidence and encouragement to not drop back down to his army crawl. I have given a number of pants as gifts and will continue to use them as a go to gift for baby showers. The fabric feels great!”THEA CLOSE, LONDON
“Lilah loves sporting her new Go Little One Go bamboo, non-slip pants.  They’re amazing!  The adorable star shaped grips on the knees have definitely helped her crawl around on our hardwood floors.  She’s picking up speed!”CARLY, LONDON
“For anyone else who has a baby that is just starting to crawl, these leggings are the ticket! They are made with the softest allergen free bamboo cotton and have perfectly placed anti slip star safety grips over he knee! Have hard wood or tile floors in your house? Go Litle One Go bamboo pants will make it so your little isn’t looking like Bambi on an ice rink!”ALISON SURRATT, MINNESOTA USA
“We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Go little one Go pants!!! They’re sooo comfy and Colton loves looking and feeling the stats on the knees, they are perfect for your beginning crawlers!!!”KARI WILSON, FLORIDA
“Absolutely LOVE these pants for my twins boys who are learning to crawl – the knee grips really help them with our hardwood floors! I will be recommending these to everyone!”CHRISTINE KERR, LONDON
“We love these pants! They are super soft and so durable. My wee man wears them all the time and even outside. He was crawling all over the pavement and on the grass and they held up amazingly. Thanks so much!”LINDA MCNAULL, CALGARY
“Our “Little One” is officially crawling and it happened to coincide with her  trying out the pants.  Coincidence?  We are convinced it gave our baby enough traction to try and get on her knees.  It gave her confidence to just go for it!  Super lightweight and comfortable too!”SYLVIA & BEN, FREDERICKTON
“My twin little ones are now on the go with their Go Little One Go pants! The pants are so cute and soft and they definitely motor quickly with them on now! Definitely keeps me on my toes.”JILLIAN LEE, LONDON
“I was super impressed when i received my Go Little One Go pants! My daughter isn’t crawling just yet and it’s difficult to find a pair of pants that she is able to really move around in. The pants not only help provide traction for her but they are super stylish too! They are like Lulu Lemon pants for babies!! We love them and can’t wait to see where they take her!!

“It was AMAZING the confidence my little one gained after putting on these pants. His progress in crawling is like night and day from what it was before. He’s faster now getting around, and is getting into more things which is both a blessing and a curse lol. I LOVE these pants and tell everyone with little ones about them”

“When I first received them, I couldn’t believe the fabric!! They are just so super soft!! I then looked on the tag and it said one size 6-12. I was worried that they wouldn’t fit my big solid 8 month old boy as other 6-12 clothes don’t. They fit him perfect with room to spare. I can see that because of the material and style, they will fit babies of all shapes and sizes. I absolutely love the stars on the knees. It’s such a sweet design that helps my little guy get around more efficiently. It makes them so cute compared to just having a circular or square patch. What a great idea! I just wanted to say thanks and I hope that you continue to sell these great little pants to many little ones on the go!!! You are saving many sore knees!”

“Besides looking super cute, these pants are super comfy and really did help my twins avoid slipping while on the go!  What a clever product!”

“These pants are Ava and mommy’s new favourite. The fabric is so soft on her delicate baby skin. The fit is perfect….she’s 6 months in this picture and wearing… 6-12 month size….they aren’t too big but there is still room to grow. And with all that, the stars fall perfectly on her knees to help her get moving. She is not yet getting on her knees to crawl but with the help of these beautiful pants she’ll be moving before mommy knows it. ”

“This tile floor’s got nothing on Kenzie with her pink Go Little One Go pants on!”DANIELLE, SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA – 2 BLONDE MAMAS
“We love Go Little One Go pants! He’s new to crawling and they gave him the little extra push on the cottage floors he needs.”


“We were so excited when my daughter figured out how to crawl, however, that excitement quickly faded as she slipped on her knees and came tumbling down onto our hardwood floors. Slippery floors plus sleepers and baby pants just aren’t a good mix for crawling babies.

 We love our Go Little One Go pants and just wish we would have found them sooner but I will be recommending them to all my mommy friends who have little ones learning to crawl.”


“We tried your pants today and we absolutely love them! They fit very well, not tight around the waist at all which is amazing since many pants are very tight for my little one. Loved the fabric and anti slip on the knees, they really help with crawling!”

“I was recently introduced to a company called Go Little One Go that makes super cute anti-slip baby pants with grippy stars on the knees.  These simple, yet important details can make a huge difference for babies learning to crawl, even on padded surfaces.  The grippy knees allow babies to safely and easily scoot along the floor and helps them to have a little more confidence in the process.”


“My kids have always been early movers. The second they master rolling over, they are on their knees and rocking back and forth and before I know it they are crawling! Before this house, we never had to deal with a baby learning to crawl and sliding all over the floor because we had mostly carpet. However after installing hardwood in our downstairs rec room and watching Caleb struggle to keep his knees from sliding out as he was learning to crawl I knew there had to be a way to prevent this- and there was!”


“It was so exciting to watch my daughter learn to crawl–until she bypassed the area rug and face-planted onto the hardwood floor. We used to joke that she needed knee pads, so I’m excited to find Go Little One Go anti-slip crawling pants for babies, just in time for baby number two.

The super cute gripping stars cover the knees of these one-size-fits-all bottoms, giving baby some traction and control on slippery surfaces. They’re made from super soft and breathable bamboo fabric–which I really love for its extra coziness–and are designed to stretch and move with baby as she takes off. Plus? So cool looking!”

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