Is your cutie about to start crawling?

Shop our collection of anti-slip bamboo leisurewear to support your child’s safe crawling development. No more slipping, sliding or face-planting on slippery hardwood floors!

Click to see a video of our crawling pants in action!
Here’s the Scoop…
  • Go Little One Go bamboo crawling pants are designed to actively encourage your child’s crawling development.
  • Our patent-pending safety grips are strategically placed on the knees to provide supportive traction, keeping your child safer, happier and more confident as they achieve this important milestone.
  • Our crawling apparel is made from allergen free bamboo – giving peace of mind to all conscientious parents of tots with sensitive skin.
  • Our “grow with me” clothing is one size for the typical crawling stage.
“These pants are Ava and mommy’s new favourite. The fabric is so soft on her delicate baby skin. The fit is perfect….she’s 6 months in this picture and wearing… 6-12 month size….they aren’t too big but there is still room to grow. And with all that, the stars fall perfectly on her knees to help her get moving. She is not yet getting on her knees to crawl but with the help of these beautiful pants she’ll be moving before mommy knows it!” ~ MELISSA, LONDON ONTARIO