2 Blonde Mamas Feature

Check out this recent 2 Blonde Mamas spotlight on our Go Little One Go crawling pants.

Written by: 2 Blonde Mamas

The past 10 months have flown by in the blink of an eye! It is amazing to me that Kenzie will by ONE in only 2 short months. Each month seems to slip past me even faster then the last. I’d like to stop time and live in this moment for a while longer.

Kenzie has been such a happy little girl now that she is a pro at crawling. She loves the fact that she can get where she wants to go on her own. She is so speedy she can get down the hall out of sight in a matter of seconds. As long as I’ve vacuumed and cleared any small toys from reach I let her explore wherever she wants, excluding bathrooms of course. The only challenge she faces is in the kitchen, she slides around a little or tries to crawl using her hands and feet instead of her hands and knees once she hits slick tile. She is somewhat successful with her silly form of crawling. To make it easier on her we started using pants from Go Little One Go that have cute little rubber stars on the knees making sliding around on the floor a thing of the past. With her Go Pants on she is a master at that tile floor and can crawl around to her delight with confidence.

Crawling is the cutest stage. I love the little wiggly speed crawl and soak it up as much as I can. I know that this stage won’t last very long. Kenzie is pulling herself up on all every piece of furniture  she spots. I’m sure she will be walking before I’m ready for it.